Rose Bloom, 2023

Rose Bloom Concept “Rose Bloom” resonates with the ‘joy’ of the people who herald the flower-picking season of the distinctive Taif Rose, which grows in the highlands, and connects the physicality of people expressing their emotions with their reverence for nature. “The invisible wind is revealed by the dancing leaves and flowers.” The words of her […]

Mother Tree & Friends, 2023

Mother Tree & Friends

In this installation, a majestic banyan tree in Esplanade Park is transformed into an interactive “Mother Tree” that invites viewers to communicate with an illuminated forest. The installation uses projections, LEDs, and sound to illustrate the importance of older trees to the forest ecosystem. “Friends” – the trees surrounding the mother tree – begin to […]

Full Spectrum, 2022

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum (2022) was exhibited as a part of LUMINEX, award winning large scale outdoor public art exhibition in Downtown Los Angeles. The audio-visual projection mapping piece invites viewers to step into the hidden worlds beyond the rainbow. Bees and birds can see ultraviolet light on flowers and the James Webb Telescope lets us see the […]

Childish Gambino x Google Coachella

Coachella Cave Childish Gambino x Google “Brighter In The Dark” Installation at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Akiko created photo realistic cave scenery animation for the portal. Client: Google Production Design: VT PRO DESIGN April 2019

Getty Unshuttered, 2018

Getty Unshuttered

The Getty Unshuttered, one night event at The Getty Museum celebrates young photographers. Akiko worked with USC cinematic arts students to create a projection mapping show that illuminated more than 10 buildings and the famous rock fountain.  Credit: Creative Direction and Event Design: Michael Patterson Producers: Martzi Campos Ann Lee Animation + Projection Mapping ArtistsUSC […]

Supersymmetry, 2018


Inspired by a book The Lightness of Being by Frank Wilczek. Light, molecule, particles through the lens. The artwork was shown as a part of Futra presents Kinetic, 2 day multi-media group show at Jason Vass Gallery. Photo by David S Hamilton

Telestron, 2017


PRESS Telestron Turns Day To Night | Live Design Online   EXHIBITION Day for Night, December 2017, Houston, TX AWARDS FWA Awards, FWA of the Day, 2018   CREDITS Production Design: VT Pro DesignCreative Direction: Michael Fullman, Bradley G MunkowitzConcept Writer: Stephen MarshallTouch Designer Programming: Matt WachterLighting Design: Gabe FraboniTechnical Design: Harry Souders, Jack GilmoreProduction […]

Into the Light, 2017

Into the Light

Into the Light is an animated experience that constantly changes its state and the viewer’s perspective. Lights are choreographed to challenge one’s sense of scale. Every individual must decide how to interact with this installation in search of unique and favored moments. Kaleidoscope 5 : UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Annual Gala “Light: A Celebration […]