Rose Bloom, 2023


“Rose Bloom” resonates with the ‘joy’ of the people who herald the flower-picking season of the distinctive Taif Rose, which grows in the highlands, and connects the physicality of people expressing their emotions with their reverence for nature.

“The invisible wind is revealed by the dancing leaves and flowers.”

The words of her grandfather, the creator of the forest, are Akiko’s inspiration for this piece.

The viewer’s use of both hands and the whole body to express people’s ‘joyful’ behaviour is depicted on the entire screen, with dancing roses and overlapping each other. The ‘joy’ of the rich colours of the nature is extended, so that the viewer’s consciousness takes on the perspective of the rose and imagines a continuity between the people and the artwork in the world.

The generative, ever-evolving background, like clouds, rivers, wind and rain, expresses the importance of roses growing in a rich natural environment.


Title: Rose Bloom

Year: 2023

Artist: Akiko Yamashita

Location: Taif, Saudi Arabia


Taif Rose Festival


Visual: Akiko Yamashita

Music: Zahroshi Maneko

Interactive Design: Rich&Miyu

Production Consultant:
Kenji Mizuta (PRISM) , Eiji Takahashi(NAKATEN)
Creative Producer: Jun Takekawa

Project by Eternal Art Space