VT collaborated with GMUNK to explore the possibilities of robotics, show control, laser, and lighting design. Continuing from the inspiration of the robotic projection-mapping project BOX, which was completed in late 2013, Munkowitz played a vital role in imagining how robotics and screen content could be married together in a choreographed piece of art. Countless techniques were learned, and it’s common that when a project finishes a whole grip of new ideas present themselves.

One of those concepts was the exploration of robots wielding large LED Screens instead of projection-mapped canvases. This choreography would be shot with a motion controlled camera to enhance the perspective illusions. Add to that a concept of a ‘Dream Zone’ – essentially an infinite runway of screens and lighting instruments representing the panacea of what lies beyond. Finally setting the entire exercise in a richly crafted living room set and telling the story of a Television abduction, and you have a concept film that satisfies all these curiosities.


Director: GMUNK
Managing Partner Live Action: Oliver Fuselier
Executive Producer: Robert Helphand
Producer: Wade Brandenberger
Prod. Supervisor: Joshua Jaedicke
Asst. Prod. Super: Dana Paris
1st AD: Ryan Lippert
2nd AD: Steve Bagnara
Director of Photography: Chris Probst
1st AC: Gunnar Mortensen
2nd AC: John Roney
DIT: Jesse Tyler
Motion Control Operator: Mike Leben
Motion Control Tech: Adam Francis
Gaffer: Nizar Najm
BB Electric: Julian Najm
Electric: Jake Ferrero
Electric: Anthoney Najem
Electric: Spencer Scranton
Key Grip: Eric Budlong
BB Grip: Kaiyoti Pesante
Grip: Johnny Segal
Grip: Demetrie Cooley
Grip: Chris Barnes
Grip Driver: Ed Melendez
Grip Driver: Sako Sogomonyan
Production Designer: Charles Infante
Art Director: David King
Set Decorator: Jennifer Lukehart
Lead Set Dresser: Michael King
Prop Master: Adam Jette
Set Dresser: Brian Minniti
VTR: Al Chao
Script Supervisor: Debbie Wright
Wardrobe Stylist: Olivia Hines
Wardrobe Asst: Kendal Carse
Hair Makeup: Kristin Fried
Hair Makeup Asst: Alma Diffie
Craft Service: Brandie Garcia
Gang Boss: Sebastian Zabala
Animal Trainer: Stephanie Purdy
Animal Trainer: Adriana Garcia

VT Pro Design

VT Pro ECD: Michael Fullman
VT Pro Producer: Bill Galusha
VT Pro Robot Tech: Harry Souders
VT Pro Lighting Designer: Gabe Fraboni
VT Pro TouchDesigner programmer: Matt Watcher
VT Pro Animator: Art Perez, Akiko Yamashita
VT Pro Tech Director: Nico Yernazian
VT Pro Tech Support: Chad Burek

Method Design

Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
Creative Director: Johnny Likens
Creative Director: Rupert Burton
CG Supervisor: Boaz Livny
Producer: Bennett Lieber
Producer: Billy McMillen

The Mill

VFX Supervisor : Robert Sethi


Hero Actor: Lyn Quinn
Dog: Squirt

Cartel Editorial

Editor: Leo Scott
Head Of Post Production: Meagen Carroll
Music: SoundsRED