Rose Bloom, 2023

Rose Bloom Concept “Rose Bloom” resonates with the ‘joy’ of the people who herald the flower-picking season of the distinctive Taif Rose, which grows in the highlands, and connects the physicality of people expressing their emotions with their reverence for nature. “The invisible wind is revealed by the dancing leaves and flowers.” The words of her […]

Mother Tree & Friends, 2023

Mother Tree & Friends

In this installation, a majestic banyan tree in Esplanade Park is transformed into an interactive “Mother Tree” that invites viewers to communicate with an illuminated forest. The installation uses projections, LEDs, and sound to illustrate the importance of older trees to the forest ecosystem. “Friends” – the trees surrounding the mother tree – begin to […]

Doodles SXSW It was SXSW’s first IRL event after a virtual lineup in 2021, and we were teaming up with one of the biggest names in the NFT space. So you could say we knew we had to make something special.     Joining forces with the Doodles team, we set out to turn a warehouse […]

Eureka!, 2021


Interactive Neural Connectivity “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Donald Hebb. 1949 Eureka!   TOPIC: Neural connectivity   ARTIST: Akiko Yamashita   LEAD SCIENTIST: Kristen Anderson, PhD   An interactive installation exploring the science of how neurons make connections based on Hebb’s postulate that, in a simplified version, states “neurons that fire together wire […]

Hana Fubuki, 2019

Hana Fubuki Hana Fubuki is an interactive installation commissioned for the exhibition “In Peak Bloom” by ARTECHOUSE. Inspired by nature’s ability to help us see what is otherwise invisible to the naked eye, such as the passing of time, Hana Fubuki refers to “Sakura snow,” or the way falling cherry blossom leaves can resemble a gentle snowfall […]

Riot Games Arcane Premiere

Welcome to the Playground For the Riot Games Arcane worldwide premiere on Netflix, VTProDesign designed one-month long immersive experience at Riot Games HQ in Santa Monica.  Immersive Environment Yamashita creative directed Bamboo walkway and dome exterior projection mapping. Inspired by the golden ornate motif from the Arcane’s  hero city called Piltover, she used Unreal Engine to […]

Red Rocks Unpaused

A Quarantine Concert How do you create an authentic concert experience for audiences during a time when there aren’t any concerts, when people aren’t able to come together and enjoy live music? This was the challenge that Madwell came to us to help them solve on Red Rocks Unpaused. Looking at our core strengths and […]

DoorDash Mosaic

A Data Visualization Sculpture Most of us think of DoorDash as a company that brings you your food. But the real essence of the brand is about the human element and the millions of connections that happen everyday between Dashers, merchants and DoorDash users.    For this project, VTProDesign teamed up with GMUNK and Tool […]

Drift REBA

Drift REBA

Working with TH Productions and the renewable energy brand Drift, we created a generative visual experience that revealed the beauty of the science behind the brand and showed how Drift makes it possible to run on 100% green energy from solar, wind, and run-off water during a 24 hour cycle. We created three different visual […]

George Clooney Casamigos

George Clooney Casamigos

George Clooney and Rande Gerber’s Casamigos Halloween party. A lot of celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Maroon 5, George Clooney’s wife Amal and supermodel Kaia Gerber has experienced the video booth we made. Akiko worked on real-time compositing system with TouchDesigner to give interactive visual effects. CREDIT Jordan Halsey- VR Playhouse Technical Director Ian Forester- […]