Riot Games Arcane Premiere

Welcome to the Playground

For the Riot Games Arcane worldwide premiere on Netflix, VTProDesign designed one-month long immersive experience at Riot Games HQ in Santa Monica. 

Immersive Environment

Yamashita creative directed Bamboo walkway and dome exterior projection mapping. Inspired by the golden ornate motif from the Arcane’s  hero city called Piltover, she used Unreal Engine to transport guests to the immersive world of Arcane.

Previz Renderings

Yamashita’s process start with previz renderings, using precise 3D models of the venue to design the animations. This ensure the client and the production team to share the same vision, as well as creating such a large scale content that is hard to imagine during the pre-production stage.

Hextech Crystal, a kinetic sculpture amalgamating projections, lighting, and sound effects that guests could trigger by teaming up. Yamashita also designed animation that emerge on the overhead holographic projections.

Arcane Wall

Arcane Wall – a next-level Step & Repeat photo op, welcomed guests to the event. Many celebrities includes Hailee Steinfeld, Riot Games Executive team and show’s creators posed against our immersive backdrop. Yamashita has worked on physical wall design as well as camera studies to ensure the optimal experience both in-person and in the camera.


Creative Director at VTProDesign


Grand Ex 2022, The Best Campaign of the Year


Chief Creative Officer: Michael Fullman

Executive Creative Director: Alex Ilten

Creative Director: Akiko Yamashita

Senior Designer: Danny Kim

Graphic Designer: Justine Henderson

Director of Production: Patrick Jong

Technical Producer:  Matt Mojo

Executive Creative Producer: Michael Lee

Creative Technologists: David Howe, Matthew Wachter, Maxy Bebber, Melissa Troutt, Zac Layman

Programmers: Matthew Wachter, Charlie Wilson

IT Director: James Cammack