Hikari 10, 2023

Light art installation Hikari 10, created by Japanese artist Akiko Yamashita at the West Edge entrance portal, invites viewers on a transcendent journey into the beauty of light. This 55 feet wide, 27 feet tall, 80 feet deep animated light artwork, featuring ten wall and ceiling light strips along the staircase, merges the essence of ‘Hikari’ (meaning ‘Light’ in Japanese) with ‘Ten’ (meaning ‘Heaven’ in Japanese). With its radiant glow, Hikari 10 transcends boundaries, captivating viewers and celebrating the harmonious connection between light, nature, time and space.


Yamashita draws inspiration from the diverse nature of California to create a captivating lightscape. Colors and gradients representing the vibrancy of orange California poppy fields, the pink hues of Venice Beach sunsets, the iridescence of hummingbirds, the neon green hills after rainfall, and the starry nights of Joshua Tree come to life. The artwork continuously evolves, transforming the space every hour, evoking emotions of serenity, calmness, joy, and wonder that nature instills in us. From refreshing mornings to magical evenings, Hikari 10 embraces the unique characteristics of each time of day, offering an immersive experience that reveals the ever-changing beauty of California’s natural lightscapes.


Title: Hikari 10

Year: 2023

Artist: Akiko Yamashita

Dimensions: 55 x 27 x 80 ft 

Location: West Edge


Developper: Hines

Art Consultant: LeBasse Projects

Lighting: Standard Vision

Photo: Nikhil Johns