Hana Fubuki, 2019

Hana Fubuki is an interactive installation commissioned for the exhibition “In Peak Bloom” by ARTECHOUSE.

Inspired by nature’s ability to help us see what is otherwise invisible to the naked eye, such as the passing of time, Hana Fubuki refers to “Sakura snow,” or the way falling cherry blossom leaves can resemble a gentle snowfall or a swirling blizzard as they are carried off by the wind. The gestures and movements of audience members become the wind that powers this installation, which combines the woodblock print techniques of traditional Ukiyo-e art with 3D animations and interactive technology to bring the landscape to life.

Just as seasons change and time streams past us like Sakura petals floating down river, the installation will change and evolve over the course of the exhibition. The installation will cycle through different times of day, reflected in the changing positions of sun and room, and through different seasons. Generative scenery, such clouds, will be constantly evolving in the background of the landscape.

Created by siblings Akiko Yamashita, Sachiko Yamashita and MIKITYPE, the artists, who all grew up in the Hokkaido region of Japan were very much inspired by their childhood memories and family history. “Our mastermind is our grandfather, Saburo Higashi, who devoted his whole life to creating forests,” explains Akiko. “He invented the ‘Kaminekkon,’ an easy way to plant trees without digging holes, and helped spread the planting activities to schools, believing that when those children grow up with the trees, they will remember to protect the forests.” The installation pays homage to Saburo Higashi’s environmentalist work, as well as his poetry.

Invisible time make
flowers to bloom
spread the leaves
Invisible wind
carry the scent
transmit sounds

As a former dancer turned digital artist, Akiko wanted to visualize movement and flow on an ever-changing modern Ukiyo-e canvas. Sachiko created the cherry blossoms flowers using hand carved stamps, evoking the woodblock prints of Ukiyo-e and MIKITYPE provided the calligraphy. Combining both contemporary and traditional techniques, the installation brings “Sakura snow” to life as never before, evoking the ever-changing states of nature, the cycling of seasons, elements of nature and the way everything in our world is connected through a state of constant flux.


Jumpstarter Hong Kong (2022)


“In Peak Book” ARTECHOUSE D.C. (2019)


Akiko Yamashita, Sachiko Yamashita, MIKITYPE


Zahroshi Maneko


Jarrett Smith


TouchDesigner Programming:
Atsushi Kobayashi, Takanori Aoki


Michael Bryan, Sachiko Yamashita