Drift REBA

Working with TH Productions and the renewable energy brand Drift, we created a generative visual experience that revealed the beauty of the science behind the brand and showed how Drift makes it possible to run on 100% green energy from solar, wind, and run-off water during a 24 hour cycle.

We created three different visual states, representing solar, wind, and hydro renewable energy sources. Attendees could interact with the content using gestures to manipulate the visuals on an LED screen, and explore on a tablet how the renewable sources change at different points in a daily use cycle, further affecting the visual states.

To represent each of the renewable energy sources (solar, wind, and hydro) we worked closely with the client to create three different electron looks that surrounded a common nucleus. After each look was created, we carefully combined them into a singular visual form – making sure that the final output was well balanced while users could still understand their individual impact.

In order for us to make the electrons interactive, we needed to create a robust system that was generative and rendered in real time. To accomplish this, we used Notch to create each of the electron looks and TouchDesigner for programming the interaction. We exported each look with exposed parameters that we then would be able to change procedurally from inputs run through TouchDesigner.

Drift provided us with a data set of their matched Kwh renewable energy spanning across a four day period. We used this data to determine how each energy source would be visualized at a certain time of day and night.

To allow users to interact and visualize this data, we built an user interface where they would be able to toggle through each hour of the day to see a breakdown of each energy source’s power matched in real time.

Production Design: TH Productions
Creative Direction: VTProDesign

October 2019