Delta LA28

MKG brought on VTProDesign to design and create an event and spectacle celebrating the announcement of Delta Air Lines as an inaugural founding partner of the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Los Angeles 2028 and unveiling the design of the new A350 plane livery. 

For the announcement, VTPro’s design and production teams created a projection mapped show on the front face of the iconic Griffith Park Observatory. The show walked the audience through the path to the Olympic games and the transformation of Los Angeles leading up to 2028, highlighting stadium and sports centers around LA, the flight paths of Delta coming to LAX and the stories of past Olympic athletes and their journeys, culminating in the reveal of the new A350 design. 

In order to technically produce the projection mapping, we first started with a Lidar scan of the front face of the Observatory. Through that process we were able to build an accurate 3D model of the building, to be used in animation and the mapping process.


Technical Director at VTProDesign


Adweek Experiential, Best Use of Video, 2021


Agency and Creative Direction: MKG
Design and Creative Direction: VTProDesign
Content Creation: Possible
Brand Film: Furlined