Tokyo Projection Mapping Connect, 2024

Details Artists:Akiko Yamashita Sachiko Yamashita Grasseler Saeko Ehara RICH & MIYU   Music: YNICE   Location: Shibuya Station west exit   Photo: Shigeo Gomi   Organizer: Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Tokyo Projection Mapping Project Exhibition Tokyo Projection Mapping “Connect”, March 15-24 2024, Shibuya Tokyo

Hikari 10, 2023

Light art installation Hikari 10, created by Japanese artist Akiko Yamashita at the West Edge entrance portal, invites viewers on a transcendent journey into the beauty of light. This 55 feet wide, 27 feet tall, 80 feet deep animated light artwork, featuring ten wall and ceiling light strips along the staircase, merges the essence of […]

Rose Bloom, 2023

Rose Bloom Concept “Rose Bloom” resonates with the ‘joy’ of the people who herald the flower-picking season of the distinctive Taif Rose, which grows in the highlands, and connects the physicality of people expressing their emotions with their reverence for nature. “The invisible wind is revealed by the dancing leaves and flowers.” The words of her […]

Mother Tree & Friends, 2023

Mother Tree & Friends

In this installation, a majestic banyan tree in Esplanade Park is transformed into an interactive “Mother Tree” that invites viewers to communicate with an illuminated forest. The installation uses projections, LEDs, and sound to illustrate the importance of older trees to the forest ecosystem. “Friends” – the trees surrounding the mother tree – begin to […]

Full Spectrum, 2022

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum (2022) was exhibited as a part of LUMINEX, award winning large scale outdoor public art exhibition in Downtown Los Angeles. The audio-visual projection mapping piece invites viewers to step into the hidden worlds beyond the rainbow. Bees and birds can see ultraviolet light on flowers and the James Webb Telescope lets us see the […]

Glowing Clouds

Glowing Clouds - Ajisai

Glowing Clouds series explores ever changing colors and shapes of clouds. Each artworks draw inspiration from Japanese nature. Visit NFT Gallery

Portal, 2015


Portal is a 7000 pixels of animated light hallway created by artist Akiko Yamashita in the Weller Court plaza in Little Tokyo district of downtown Los Angeles in 2015. It brings color and motion to the city center. It has become a destination portal – formally a dark tunnel – has been transformed by this […]

Where does water come from?, 2021

Where does water come from? Where does water come from? is a 5 minutes long audio-visual piece originally exhibited at MUTEK JP+MX Virtual Gallery. The artwork explores the creation of water. Yamashita’s imagination flows deeper into space, into the atomic state, into the ocean, constantly changing its state of being. Artist Statement Water flows from high to low.On the Earth at least.Water […]

Eureka!, 2021


Interactive Neural Connectivity “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Donald Hebb. 1949 Eureka!   TOPIC: Neural connectivity   ARTIST: Akiko Yamashita   LEAD SCIENTIST: Kristen Anderson, PhD   An interactive installation exploring the science of how neurons make connections based on Hebb’s postulate that, in a simplified version, states “neurons that fire together wire […]

Forest Perception, 2021

Forest Perception

If a tree talks in the forest, does anyone listen? ‘Forest Perception — if a tree talks in the forest, does anyone listen?’ projection mapped a giant forest only for one night in the middle of downtown Los Angeles as a part of LUMINEX. The Story Yamashita’s grandfather devoted his life to creating forests […]