Full Spectrum (2022)

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum (2022) was exhibited as a part of LUMINEX, award winning large scale outdoor public art exhibition in Downtown Los Angeles. The audio-visual projection mapping piece invites viewers to step into the hidden worlds beyond the rainbow. Bees and birds can see ultraviolet light on flowers and the James Webb Telescope lets us see the […]

Portal, 2015


Portal is a 7000 pixels of animated light hallway created by artist Akiko Yamashita in the Weller Court plaza in Little Tokyo district of downtown Los Angeles in 2015. It brings color and motion to the city center. It has become a destination portal – formally a dark tunnel – has been transformed by this […]

Where does water come from?, 2021

Where does water come from?

https://vimeo.com/532910488 Water flows from high to low. On the Earth at least.Water is everywhere, in every state, even within us.When you trace the source of the water, we have to think that it cycles.But then, how was water born to begin with?This is still a mystery. Some researchers suggest it came with water-rich asteroids. Where […]

Eureka!, 2021


Interactive Neural Connectivity “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Donald Hebb. 1949 Eureka!   TOPIC: Neural connectivity   ARTIST: Akiko Yamashita   LEAD SCIENTIST: Kristen Anderson, PhD   An interactive installation exploring the science of how neurons make connections based on Hebb’s postulate that, in a simplified version, states “neurons that fire together wire […]

Forest Perception, 2021

Forest Perception

If a tree talks in the forest, does anyone listen? https://vimeo.com/563380242 ‘Forest Perception — if a tree talks in the forest, does anyone listen?’ projection mapped a giant forest only for one night in the middle of downtown Los Angeles as a part of LUMINEX. Yamashita’s grandfather devoted his life to creating forests — he […]

Hana Fubuki, 2019

Hana Fubuki

Hana Fubuki is an interactive installation commissioned for the exhibition “In Peak Bloom” by ARTECHOUSE. Inspired by nature’s ability to help us see what is otherwise invisible to the naked eye, such as the passing of time, Hana Fubuki refers to “Sakura snow,” or the way falling cherry blossom leaves can resemble a gentle snowfall or […]

Google I/O Tune Yards + Blob Opera

Google I/O Tune Yards

https://youtu.be/wHO_RlYLFY4 To kick-off the 2021 Google I/O conference, VTProDesign worked with Google Events & Experiences and Done + Dusted to help create a 20-minute musical performance with Tune-Yards and Blob Opera, a machine learning web experiment featuring opera singing blobs. Yamashita creative directed the team at VTProDesign to design the 360 stage that was uniquely fitted into Google Playa Vista […]

Apple MacBookPro

Apple MacBookPro

https://youtu.be/HAddWJkZ-0U Akiko was featured in a short film made for Apple MacBookPro launch keynote presented by Tim Cook as one of the new generation of makers. Client: Apple

Oculus Quest Cinema Takeover

Oculus Cinema Takeover

The Los Angeles Theatre was the last and most extravagant of the ornate theaters built on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles between 1911 and 1931. Designed by architect S. Charles Lee with a French Baroque-inspired décor, its majestic six-story main lobby and 2,200-seat auditorium of carved plaster ornamentation, mirrors, and cove-lit murals recall the glamorous […]