IGNITE Art & Light Festival 2023

JANUARY 25-29, 2023

Florida’s newest and most exciting art, light and projection mapping festival returns to Broward.

Yamashita’s latest light installation, Mother Tree and Friends will be exhibited at IGNITE Art & Light Festival

When: January 25-29, 2023
Where: Esplanande ParkFort Lauderdale, Florida
FREE entry

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Mother Tree and Friends

In this installation, a majestic banyan tree in Esplanade Park is transformed into an interactive “Mother Tree” that invites viewers to communicate with an illuminated forest. The installation uses projections, LEDs, and sound to illustrate the importance of older trees
to the forest ecosystem. “Friends” – the trees surrounding the mother tree – begin to respond, and the entire forest starts communicating
through an underground mycorrhizal network.